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- March 16, 2005: New Domain!


Sad news, muff's site closed down due to some difficulties.. so now I'm self-hosting.


- March 16, 2005: New Domain!

    w00t! thanks heavily to me bud Muff Meister I gotta new domain for me website! I'm gonna leave all me old news posts hea n' start a new at me new domain at:

See you guys there. 

- Jan 1st, 2005: MarD's Requested Waypoint Pack 1


Aright, here's a few waypoints for ya:
- de_snipe_it5
- glassfloor
- he_dodgeball2
- ka_stadium

They're in the downloads Section.

- December 13th, 2004: DE_CPL_STRIKE Waypoints


Hehe, been a while since last update eh? anywho, here's some waypoints I whipped up for PODbot mm for de_cpl_strike. In the downloads section.

- November 4th, 2004: New E[POD]bot Link


Been still working hard on my coding for Gotham City, I like, implemented a basic tutoarial system, but it still needs tweaking... I'm now working onna batcave enter/exit code, and I'm gonna learn how the savegame function works n' like, make it work.

OH! gots a new link for E[POD]bot up, it's

I'm almost done my RCbot SvenCoop HL1 Singleplayer Campaign Full WaypointPack... just wanna do a few more touchups, and make sure that my fav ones are all nice n' smooth. I'm also redoing a lot of my ladders now that I know the proper way to waypoint them, and I'm also trying to make my elevators work more smoothly, cause it's one of the weakest parts right now, but one of the coolest ones too.

- October 25th, 2004: E[POD]bot vIV released!



   Ok, I tested out the latest E[POD]bot release, and I think it's ready! so here it is!  go to downloads to get it!

- October 2nd, 2004: E[POD]bot vIIIa for CS 1.6!


  Time again for a delayed Update!  I checked my outlook express e-mails, n' found this in there, so I'm hosting it here! sry for the delay folks, I'm gonna make msn plus check my pop3 email account too now... cause I'm too lazy for outlook. 

   And everyone! if you chat to Whistler at say thanks for making E[POD]bot vIIIa CS 1.6 Compatible. I don't know C++ yet, n' he did this little favor for me. If I ever get time to continue E[POD]bot I hope so, but I have already my other main mod project (scroll down to read on that..) n' I only do some waypointing on the side to stop my main.scm modding from driving me insane. Remember folks: coding is not easy, n' can be very frustrating if all is not well, so if it takes a while for any coder to release stuff? let them take their time, cause I swear sometimes, I think I burst brain vessles... 

But no worries, a dude by the username TheStorm will continue EPB, so it's gotta father still PMB, he just happens to be the step-dad of E[POD]bot. 

So here it is: E[POD]bot vIIIa - CS 1.6 Compatible

- September 13th, 2004: CS 1.5 Bot Installation Tutorials In Progress, and MarD's VC Bodyguard Mod v3.0!


   Cause I'mma nice guy, I decided to create a CS v1.5 & v1.6 Installation guide to help you install bots! right now, It'll be focused on getting metamod, n' PODbot v2.6mm cause those 2 seem to be the hardest to install (most other bots like E[POD]bot, and PODbot v2.5 and down) come with installers that do it all for you. 

   And without further-ado, MarD's VC Bodyguard mod V3.0!

- September 7th, 2004: AS_Highrise waypoints for PODbot v2.6mm


   Yep! I did this cause sPlOrYgOn asked me to. I'm also looking for a new bot to help waypoint since E[POD]bot seems to be a dead mod now... I'll miss ya E[POD]bot, you put up a good challenge. 

go to my downloads secion to get the new waypoints.

- September 2nd, 2004: New Website is dead..


   Yeah, it was cool while it lasted, then fusion got a new bike, n' apparently spent the site's budget on doom 3.. lol, so now it's back to this for now... Me and Fuzzy_Juzzy89 are thinking of starting our own website! one that won't be shut down cause of a small budget!  Lol, if you think I'm dissin' Fusion? I'm not. He is cool, and it's understandable that he'd rather have a new bike n' go out with his friends than build a website... me? all my friends are in college out of town... n' I'm stuck in hillbilliesville... but I doupt you guys wanna read a freakin' journal, so I'll cut myself off now. 

I've released my GTA3 Multi Mod V3.8 WIP on here, I'll try to get my VC bodyguard mod V3.0 on here too... it's a little hard when you're down a whole freakin' website, and no internet at home yet cause I'm transferring to cable internet.  check my downloads secion.


- July 24th, 2004: New Website!


     Yep, I'm a co-admin for a new n' upcomin' mod site: ! sign up n' download my new VC Bodyguard Mod v3.0. I'm gonna transfer all my stuff there n' expect more updates. Like, not once a month updates, but like I'm aimin' for 3 times a week. So Fusion will be postin' a helluva lot too, so you'll get updates very often compared to here!  See you guys at !

- June 28th, 2004: DE_Wallmart Waypoints


   Here's some DE_Wallmart Waypoints. I also did some DE_Rats3... but when I reformatted... forgot to back it up. NP though, I'll just make em' again.

- June21st, 2004: MarD's VC Bodyguard mod source


   WOW, been a while since an update eh? 

  Ok, one dude asked me for the source code for version 1.0, so heck, I'mma nice coder, so I'mma post it up. 

   Right... HERE

- May 28th, 2004: CS_Rats2 Waypoints & GTA3


   Well, I waypointed CS_rats2, and man, lol, the bots act weird cause they don't obey waypoints durin' combat that they fall off ledges easily. Also, there's the ladder bug appearing again where the bot has probs climbin to the top... not much I can do aboot that, LN said he'd fix that in the next E[POD]bot release, so give him time.

anywho, the waypoints are on my Downloads page, or just click here.

   And for GTA3 moddin' news? I'm gonna try a new approach to my moddin': I'm gonna try to make it a plugin executable like the GTA3 admin console. Hopefully my idea works well. I'm gonna get Visual Basic 6, n' see what I can do. 

- May 21st, 2004: Updated DE_Storm Waypoints


   Well, had probs downloadin' a CS_rats2 map, and I'm still havin' probs, so I loaded up an old map I used to play, and wow... the waypoints included on E[POD]bot must've been some of my really early work, lmao, I diddn't even change the players name (note how it says "waypoints created by player.") tha's how old them waypoints were. 

  Anywho, here's my Updated DE_Storm Waypoints. Enjoy! 

- May 12th, 2004: DE_Rats Waypoints


   Well, one dude on the E[POD]bot forums finally suggested some maps to waypoint... so I spent like, 2hrs tday' tryin' to perfect my de_rats waypoints... normal PODbot v2.5 seems to like that map more. 

- April 8th, 2004: MarD's GTA3 Multi Mod Continued?


    Yeah, I'm starting to get into a bit of GTA3 modding again. Shoking isin't it?

    My plans are to:  - Make vigilante aid cops pursue criminals on foot, and that the ejector seat mod also ejects the bodyguards.  Plus some other minor fixes.

- March 31st, 2004: AIM_ak-colt waypoints


     I waypointed aim_ak-colt for fun to try out with bots, and you die faster than against norm players. 

  So just click here to get them.

- March 23rd, 2004: Official E[POD]bot Mirror!!!


     Well, now I'm an official mirror for E[POD]bot, rejoice 

Go to my Downloads page... or click HERE!

- March 22nd, 2004: News got deleted... grr....


    Well, stupid freewebs thing deleted half of my news columb, so most of my sites news is all gone, if someone could send me it, I'd appreciate it, my e-mail's

     I recently put up some new waypoint revisions for as_riverside, and de_aztec for cs 1.6 go to my downloads to get em'.

- Sept 8th, 2003: More news on VC moddin'....


    Sorry for the lack of updates people :( still ain't gots the net at home. But now I'm gettin' ahead of the class, so I gots more time to go on the net. :)

    I'm hopin' to release me VC mod v2.0 tmorrow if it's gonna work ok as it seems so far. I might include me biker gang backup mod into it, or it may be separate (this is only temporary, cause I'm still workin' on it).

   For CS, Lightninja is on a vaccation for another... I think 5 days, so don't expect pretty much any response from him while he's gone. he released E[PODbot] III a few days ago!!!!! :) but since I ain't gots the net I can't get it ti'll I find me a floppy that works. :(

   Lightninja told me that the CS_office waypoints are messed, so I made new ones for it. I maybe might post it on me site since it's one of the built-in maps of CS....

    We'll, tha's all the news from meh for now.

Later-a-much, n' LONG LIVE THE D!

- August 28, 2003: MarD is makin' VC Bodyguard mod v2.0! rejoice! :)


        Yes, it's official: I will continue to update me VC Bodyguard mod further. Thanks to all the feedback over at The GTAForums. People over at the GTAforums are much more responsive, so I'mma stop postin' over at the codename: forums due to the fact that pretty much no one has responded to most of me stuff thea. :(

  I'mma also wanna thank Daven for hostin' me mod. :)

N' also thanks to DaGunslinger (if ya dunno him, he's pretty much known as one of the best I think it's skinners for GTA: VC, correct me if I'm wrong thea DaGunslinger :p) for the incredible idea of biker escorts to help it seem a lot like Road Rash 64! :)

     Ok, I know how to fix that prob wit the save, I'll do that for me v2.0 release. Thanks to "Davis_Chung" for the info.

I know a cheap way to do this, which is kill all the bodyguards when ya go to save  I've done this in me Multi Mod v3.0 for GTA3 n' it works.

So for Mr. IT (or TI? I forget ), hea's one way to fix this error.

I've added the Comet, the Stinger, n' the Mesa Grande for bodyguard gunnin'

tmorrow I'm gonna post some pics of the mesa grande gunnin', cause he does it from the back seat.

I'm now also gonna open up a mod discussion thread. Cause this hea's meant for showroomin'. So check the disscussion board for... disscussion I guess .

I also wanna start a poll for the Mesa Grande gunnin'. Cause I noticed a bit after playin' it: thea's a tarp over the jeeb sometimes, n' it looks like he's goin' thru it

so you people will decide to either keep it in, or delete it. I diddn't wanna do the Stallion cause of the same reason... so if ya guys want this to stay, I guess I could do the Stallion as well.

- August 21, 2003: New Pics of MarD's VC Bodyguard Mod v1.0


      We'll, I've decided to try me luck n' post a showcase of me VC Bodyguard Mod v1.0 over at The GTA Forums, cause I'm not havin' much compliments n' people sayin' they'd download me mod over at Codename: Forums GTA Modding. :(

     Also, I've decided if thin's don't go well also at The GTA Forums, n' if Codename: Vice won't host me VC Bodyguard Mod v1.0 within' 2 weeks, I'll stop moddin' GTA all-round n' start moddin' the PODbot source for CS, n' help Lightninja make his next E[PODbot] release as stable as I can... I already have the PODbot source. N' I know that me effort won't be waisted if it's for Lightninja like me waypoints already. N' I'll probably turn this webpage into kindof a journal thin' of me.

Anywho, hea's the pics:

PIC 1:
Bodyguard gunner wastin' some bus :p

Gunner takin' out some pour dudes van, note the now popped front-left tire. Oh yeah, he likes poppin'
tires, expect aboot 2/5th's of the cars he shoots at to have popped tires :)

Later-a-much, n' LONG LIVE THE D!

- August 19, 2003: MarD's CS E[PODbot] Waypoints Set 1 n' 2, plus New webpage theme


        If anyone hea knows E[PODbot] at all, I'm the 2nd waypointer for it (1st is its creator: Lightninja). I am MarD, hea's me waypoints for it. Should work wit PODbot, n' POXbot (Havn't tested thoroughly wit POXbot, cause I kept gettin' some "overflow" thin')

Go to me Downloads Page to get it.

     Also no worries people, I plan to also waypoint more. Mainly because Lightninja is workin' on a new version of E[PODbot] called (can ya guess?): E[PODbot] vIII. I'm doin' 40 new waypoints for him:

(Top 10)

(Top 10)

(not es_underground )


     ... Also if thea's any other popular maps ya want done, drop me an' e-mail at:

    SPEAKIN' aboot CS, who the fuck is stealin' me name (MarD) n' usin' it as his own!?... the bastard :p he uses the awp a lot too, I hate the awp, not trigger-happy enough :) hea's the link to the bastards stats: he even misspelt MarD (he spelt it mard, it's MarD) damn you to hell impersonator :p . If you're a fan of me work, change ya username to "Fan of the MarD" or somethin'... the only time I've ever played cs against other people was on LAN, not an actual internet server either, cause I'm on dial up.

    Anywho, I also changed the website theme, cause the old one kindof sucked cause it was hard to see the links after clickin' on it, so this new one looks good, so I chose it. :)

Later-a-much, n' LONG LIVE THE D!,

- August 18th, 2003: MarD's Bodyguard Mod v1.0 released


      Ahh, yesss, finally, I feel like it's stable enough, so I released it.

Hea's the readme stuff (cause I'm too lazy to rewrite it :p )

NEW! BodyGuard Mod

The bodyguards pretty much do all the same as me bodyguards of me multi mod for GTA3 the new stuff is that:

- now, pretty much any gun the player holds is the gun that any new bodyguards use. :)

- while in panic mode, 3rd bodyguard stops followin' player to increase his attack.

- 3rd bodyguard is on an' invisible leash while in panic mode. as in if he gets more than 7 feet away or so, he's forced to run to the player.

- 3rd bodyguard in panic mode now climbs into bf injection as a gunner, n' guns down pretty much anythin' witout probs :)

- bodyguards now shoot at anythin' that... we'll... shoots :p (small bug because of this, bodyguards waste eachother while in panic mode :p )

Go to me Downloads Page to get it!

- August 16th, 2003: MarD's Site Started :)


           Aright, I've started me website :) ... Sadly it's bein' done wit the basic editor, n' not html progs (like ms homepage) cause I don't have any yet, but the basic webpage builder hea at is actually really good, so I'm probably not gonna worry too much aboot makin' it me own design.

     Meh, anywho, I'd like to say thanks to "ColdHaza" from the codename forums( for tellin' me aboot cause I've been searchin' for a good free webspace, n' others have been full, or overloaded wit ad-spam crap.

      K, I'm gonna upload me MarD's Multi Mod v2.0 n' v3.0, n' tha'll be in me downloads section. (NOTE: Since I gots Vice City a few weeks ago, I've discontinued moddin' for GTA3. If some people wish for me to continue moddin' GTA3, I'll see if I could start up again moddin' GTA3, but for now I'm all VC. Mail me at if ya want me to continue moddin' GTA3.)


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